Below are some projects I do on my free time. It includes websites, web applications, individual Drupal Modules and general modules.

Laravel Automation


Laravel Automation is an automatic way to setup a simple Laravel project to play around. It initializes all the necessary files and folders to run along with Docker.

It gives you also the ability to push your final docker image in Docker Hub and then deploy it from any Container Management Platform.

Hack Cyprus Contest App


React Native Hack Cyprus Contest is an application build for the Hack Cyprus event for the company I work Mindgeek in order for the participants to register and get in the draw for a price.

As in the past I was involved in iOS developing and I was struggling with the design and positioning elements, I wanted to try and see how React Native works and approaches the design.

Zend Vagrant Automation


Zend Vagrant automation is an automatic way to fetch Zend Framework 2 from GitHub and setup a local Zend project on your PC to play around. It initializes all the necessary files and folders to run.

The automation uses Vagrant and Ansible to build a local isolated VM to run the project.

Custom Light MVC


This is a personal project I started, which I am trying to add all the necessary tools that are needed for a MVC project to deliver quality code along with automating some steps.

It has the below components:

  • Custom MVC design (in progress to get validations in place)
  • Custom ORM design (in progress to get it use more complex queries)
  • Composer which is a package manager for PHP
  • Standalone migrations which is migrations based on the ruby structure migrations to create,update or delete columns or tables from database
  • Custom Seed data - (in progress to get it working)
  • Grunt and npm to watch and generate minified CSS files from less files
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3
  • Behat Tests which is the BDD testing

Drupal Instagram Album


Drupal Instagram Album is a Drupal 7 module which by adding your Instagram Credentials it will give you a mobile friendly, album block. You can see my Instagram Album, which is build using this module.

Drupal Vagrant


Drupal Vagrant is a sample project of how to use Drupal Automation bash scripts along with Vagrant and Ansible to setup in less than 5 minutes a local Drupal site.

This allows you to setup a Drupal 7 or 8.0 or 8.1 without the hassle of having to setup vhsosts, setup databases, downloading and unzipping the Drupal Core files, setting up the correct permissions so Drupal will work etc.

The project is tested in Ubuntu 14.04.

Drupal Resume


Drupal resume is a Drupal 7 module which by setting up some fields it will give you a bootstrappy, mobile friendly, nice design Curriculum Vitae (CV) page. You can see my CV, which is build using this module.

All On Board


This is an iOS app for on-boarding people who have just rented a car. The app uses iBeacons to determine the make and model of the car and provides useful information in your language about it (where are the lights / wind screen wipers, what sort of fuel it takes) and puts you in quick contact with other people who have recently rented this type of car if you have any questions.

Drupal Automation


Drupal automation is an automatic way to fetch Drupal 7 or 8 from GitHub and setup a local Drupal version on your pc to play around. It initializes all the necessary files and folders to run along with Vagrant and Ansible that are not listed here.

InterGnosi Interactive Platform


InterGnosi is an online Interactive Platform where people gather to upload, create, edit and share Multimedia and Static content with others. Worked in Netshop ISP as freelancer for the development and project management of Intergnosi.com.