My name is Valentinos - known also with the nickname Poupouxios.

Finished my BSc in Computer Science Department of University of Crete with Honours and with MSc Database Professional in Sheffield Hallam University also with Honours. Graduated in 2010 from University of Crete. The BSc Final Year Dissertation subject was “Design of Parallelization of the single-node Oracle/Berkeley Database through the use of a Distributed Coordination Service (Borealis)”,which was under supervision of Dr. Kostas Magoutis. This is a topic with significant design and implementation challenges, requiring understanding of database intervals and skilful use of novel distributed computing programming paradigms. The prototype system has been carefully coded to interface with the Oracle/Berkely DB and Apache Zookeeper systems and has been stress-tested through a rigorous methodology he personally thought out and developed. I carried out a comprehensive performance evaluation and collaborated with a graduate student to integrate my prototype with a distributed stream-processing system (Borealis). A geeky project with a lot of fun.

At October of 2010 when I finished BSc, I thought I should try and go approad to get more experience and I applied for the MSc Database Professional in Sheffield Hallam University and was accepted to start MSc on January of 2011. I finished it on January 2012 with First Class Honours (73.2). The MSc Final Year Project dissertation subject was “Investigation of Column-Based Databases Performance against Relational Databases”, which was under supervision of Mr. Peter Lake. The project was based on two different type of databases – the traditional relational databases Oracle DB and the new column-based databased named Ingres Vectorwise – which the purpose was to found through various stressful tests which database is performing and retrieving data faster in order to guide a business which database to choose for their needs. I developed various trends based on different types of businesses through complex SQL Queries. Another interesting project that expanded my knowledge in the Database sections.

Currently, as the Head of Engineering at Intergo Telecom, I've had the privilege of spearheading our company's remarkable growth journey since 2019, with a strong emphasis on empowering teams to drive technological innovation. In my role, I've had the privilege of leading cross-functional teams of engineers, devops, and developers in the design, implementation, and optimization of these innovative solutions. By empowering our teams with the resources, support, and autonomy they need, we've cultivated an environment where creativity flourishes, and groundbreaking ideas come to life.

My hobbies are to travel around the world on my free time, and shooting unusual moments of nature,people, buildings etc.  Have a look at my album which is designed like a physical book by using turnjs. Furthermore, I like to explore new technologies and I'm pashioned of buying new gadgets and keep up to date with any new technology arises (hardware and software).