Bootstrap 3

Custom Light MVC


This is a personal project I started, which I am trying to add all the necessary tools that are needed for a MVC project to deliver quality code along with automating some steps.

It has the below components:

  • Custom MVC design (in progress to get validations in place)
  • Custom ORM design (in progress to get it use more complex queries)
  • Composer which is a package manager for PHP
  • Standalone migrations which is migrations based on the ruby structure migrations to create,update or delete columns or tables from database
  • Custom Seed data - (in progress to get it working)
  • Grunt and npm to watch and generate minified CSS files from less files
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3
  • Behat Tests which is the BDD testing

InterGnosi Interactive Platform


InterGnosi is an online Interactive Platform where people gather to upload, create, edit and share Multimedia and Static content with others. Worked in Netshop ISP as freelancer for the development and project management of

Cyprometal Sections System


Cyprometal Sections Management System is a web application was created for Cyprometal to keep records of their sections they have in stock and being able to produce reports.

NetShop Internet Services Ltd


Netshop Internet Services Ltd is a leading Web hosting provider & e-Commerce solutions provider in Cyprus and one of the fastest growing providers in Europe. Operating via 3 data centers (Cyprus, Malta, United Kingdom) our aim is constantly to offer unparalleled customer service and implement bespoke solutions that match each individual customer's requirements.

Officestar Sales Quote System


Officestar Sales Quote System is a web application where the client creates a quote for a customer and he can send the quote via email which is being produced first as PDF. Worked in Netshop ISP as freelancer for the design and development.



Gnositexnia is an innovative web site who targets teachers of all levels, students and parents. I’m currently developing, maintaining and implementing new features in my free time for this website. Gnositexnia website is introduced to major schools in Cyprus as a new teaching method for the students and it will try to change the flow of the lessons.

The website had a redesign to Bootstrap 3 on July 2015.